Our "Competition"

Can I just put a lot of laughy emoji's here?

There are other "deck builders" out there, but for some reason, in this area, no one wants to elevate their game and be a true contender to our build quality and design prowess. 

If you're looking to hire us and you've come here before I am able to finish this page, and you get queezy and consider it "talking bad about others" when people lay out the sad and bitter truth about the quality and abilities of the other companies in the field - you just find it unbecoming for someone to "stoop to that level" - then count yourself lucky you got here when you did! 
Because the truth is coming to this page soon!

If you're ever one of the many people I've known that have regretted wasting money with some of the contractors around here, and like them you had to spend more to get it done right, then you'll understand why it's important we talk about who's out there.

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More to come soon !