Contact Us

There will be more to this later, but all you really have to know to be able to get us to come meet with you about building a deck for you is this: 

Send an EMAIL to:
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And in the email, give us your name, address, phone number, a few words (or many) about what you want, and the best days & times you have to meet.

Since I talk to SO many people each week I have to try to keep things in writing and all in one place or I'll lose track of it all.

If we haven't met yet (or I haven't gotten an email from you yet) and you send me a text, a facebook message, a message on Angie's List or any other app or website then I likely won't see it and you'll never hear back from me.

It works the same if you call my phone and leave me a voicemail and we haven't met yet - I'll forget it's there and I won't call you back. If I were to answer my phone or call you back, the FIRST thing I'm going to want to know is your ADDRESS and what you are wanting done. And your address is what will determine when I can meet you (where it is in relation to other appointments I have or where our current job site is, etc). So I won't be able to give you the one thing you'll be calling for anyway - which is for me to tell you when I can meet you. I'll HAVE to check everything else and get back to you on that. So PLEASE just email me and I'll figure out when I can make it to your address and then I'll email you back. 

I promise you'll like this better than hearing me stutter around on the phone like I can't make a decision.